This is DIY Dan.
I started this businesses because the prices for indoor grow systems are too expensive out there. This store will offer hydro kits and equipment, Nutrients  (contact us for Special Deal! big orders we can ship to you for a discount! also big orders can have option available for free shipping) ,  grow lights, tents, entire grow kits, pumps, filters, fans, CO2 Enhancers  and many more growing supplies. I have been into  hydroponics and LED grow lights for about five years and it has become my favorite hobby. The equipment was too expensive so I learned how to build the hydroponic equipment I needed. It cost a fraction of the price and provided amazing results. I have made many systems from a simple drip system to aeroponic to ebb and flow to deep water culture to under current system and many more. Check out our blog or contact us, and everything can be customized to order.



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